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BTA GARAGE in Bristol offers wide range of servicing. We recommend you do your service every 10000 miles or once a year. We offer MOT with our service packages for additional £54. Don't forget to bring your service history book - we'll stamp it for you for free. If you don't have a service history book - it's time to have one - ask us for a replacement one. We also have access to various online service history databases including BMW, Audi, Skoda, Seat and Volkswagen.


BTA GARAGE in Bristol - we offer your car full package for all your motoring needs. BTA GARAGE can take care of everything you require, there is no need to go somewhere else. 



As one of the few garages we specialize in mega Automatic Transmission Fluid flush change. If you drive in a car with automatic transmission we do recommend along with automatic gearbox producers to change your ATF around 30-40K miles. Even on a simple drive from home to work, we encounter traffics, hills, when we're heavy loaded -  the transmission fluid is heated beyond acceptable limits. Therefore the change of the ATF is recommended. 



From clutches to engines, suspension, you name it - we can take care of it all! Everything done by a team of professionals at best prices in Bristol. All the repairs and prices are subject to mutual agreement before the repairs are commenced so no bill surprises as in other garages. BTA Garage is a well-established company that you can trust. 


BTA GARAGE in Bristol has another great feature that makes it a complex place for all your motoring needs. Besides great ranges of services and repairs we offer bodyshop services and tuning to your car. Our bodyshop specialist has great experience in the field so you can expect your car to look as it would be new. We dent & scratch repairs, after accident repairs and complex lawyer support, we deal with insurance company on your behalf. If you don't like the colour of your car we can also respray whole car so nobody would ever guess it was different colour! Call BTA GARAGE in Bristol today to arrange a booking - we offer hire car while your car is being in our bodyshop! 



Years of experience mean that we can offer you advise whether it's about repairs, servicing or even buying cars. You can also do a pre-buying inspection of the car in our garage completely free of charge. Our mechanical diagnosis is also free of charge and professional computer diagnosis is just £35! 



Custom wheels, Custom exhaust, Sport suspension, Sport driving steering wheel, Tinting windows, LEDs, HIDs, Xenons, Neons under car, X-packs, Sound system fitting, Carbon bonnets, spoilers etc.



Our technicians know the ins and outs of all things cars. We can diagnose the problems your car is having within minutes. If you need parts, repairs, or standard service, we can help you out. We offer Recovery car, Hire car, Computer diagnosis, Insurance claims repairs, Buying cars, Selling cars with guarantee, Estimates, Quotes

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